This is not a part of your National CPS Certification.

Definition of a senior checker: The individual who makes the final inspection of an installation of a child restraint before it leaves the inspection station and is responsible for assuring that the necessary paperwork is correctly completed; including the SKBU checklist forms. The Senior Checker has the expertise, organizational and communication skills to ensure that each seat leaving the SKBU event/CSSIS has been inspected and the caregivers are secure with the information that was provided. Senior checkers NEVER work alone and always have a certified technician on site with them.

Criteria to Become a Senior Checker:

  • Must be a currently certified CPS Technician or Instructor
  • Must have at least 12 months of consistent certified CPS Technician experience
  • Must have extensive knowledge of the SKBU Child Passenger Checklist form
  • Must have checked a minimum of 35 seats within the past year
  • Must meet additional criteria of your local coalition or chapter; if applicable
  • Must meet the Senior Checker Profile
    • Participates routinely in seat checks and/or an inspection station
    • Coordinates and/or participates in refresher classes or technical updates
    • Comfortable and knowledgeable with new technology
    • Able to say “I don’t know”, but knows where to seek the answer
    • Communicates effectively to fellow techs and caregivers
    • Organizes and ensures checklist forms are complete
    • Doesn’t check their own installations
    • Leads by example
  • Must be selected, evaluated and approved by their local coordinator

Senior Checker Annual Maintenance:

  • Once a year in June senior checkers MUST update their profiles for the next fiscal year
  • If your national CPS certification expires during the grant year; you MUST update

Senior Checker placed on suspension:

  • If senior checkers are not updated by June 30th they will be placed on suspension automatically until their information is reviewed, updated and approved by their coordinator
  • If a senior checker’s certification expires then they will be placed on suspension automatically until expiration date is updated
  • If Senior Checker is not current you will see their name but not be able to access

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Why do we have senior checkers?
    Senior Checkers are in place to ensure that technicians aren’t working alone, best practice is being followed at all times and children are leaving safer then they arrived. Safe Kids Worldwide insures each registered child passenger safety activity and requires Senior Checkers to be present at all times for quality control considerations.
  • How can you tell if you are on suspension?
    Your name will be listed however when click on your name it will not be recognized
  • I’m a certified Instructor why aren’t I automatically considered a Senior Checker?
    Every certified instructor isn’t the same. Senior Checkers have to be approved and evaluated by their local coordinator and have a current profile on the grant website.
  • I’m nationally certified and have 1 year of experience; I must be a senior checker?
    Safe Kids Worldwide CPS Certification and Safe Kids Buckle Up are two separate departments. Certification embodies the entire CPS community nationally. Safe Kids Buckle Up supports its Safe Kids local coalitions and chapters with its annual grants, insurance coverage and materials. Senior Checkers play a role in our liability insurance coverage and the quality assurance of its programming.
  • Do we still have Senior Checker numbers?
    Senior Checkers no longer have dedicated number. If listed as “approved” on the grant website they will be recognized through the grant event registry and inspection station submissions.